Towing Service and emergency service 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Gas Delivery

Call us when you run out of gas and just need a few gallons to get you home or down the road. towing service tow truck

Lockout Service

When you lock your keys in your vehicle don't do damage by breaking a window or scraping your paint. Just give us a call for damage free lockout service.

Jump Start

Call us when you need a jump start or your battery has run out. Did you leave a light on and just need a jump start? We will fix you up. Do you need a new battery we can jump start or tow your vehicle in to our shop where we keep Interstate batteries in stock as well as a line of economical batteries.

Police Tow Secure Storage Lot

We are under contract with multiple law enforcement agencies to tow vehicles to our lot for secure storage until they are released by the jurisdiction or to the owner of family.

Own a business and need a tow away sign for unauthorized vehicles.

Ohio Revised code states that a business must post the property as a tow away zone in order to tow a vehicle that is unauthorized to park in their lot. Call us today to post a legal Tow away zone sign at your apartments or place of business.

Police Towing

If you were towed by a law enforcement agency please bring these items or your vehicle will not be released! 

  • A release form from the agency that towed your vehicle.
  • Proof of ownership such as title and registration.
  • Government issued ID or drivers license.
  • Law enforcement tows are cash only! No credit cards accepted.