Red Baron Towing

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Towing, Rollback, and Lockout service

Also conveniently located on our lot, for your assistance and police department towing. Our lot is secure 24 hours a day with a full fence and well illuminated. Also patrolled by large dogs 24 hours a day 7 days a week. If you should have an accident tell any police department to call Red Baron towing 24 hours a day. It is your choice who tows your vehicle, so be sure and ask for RED BARON or call our 24 hour number. Wrecker and Rollback service for damage free towing and recovery or just winching back to roadway if you have found yourself in an awkward spot or just slid off the roadway. We also offer lockout service on all makes and models of vehicles.

Things you will need to pick up a police department violation initiated tow.

  1. Originating police department tow release form. ( You will have to go to the police dept. that towed your vehicle and sign this release form and obtain a copy to bring with you).
  2. Photo ID
  3. Proof of ownership such as title and registration. ( You must be the registered owner to pick up a police violation tow).
  4. Cash only accepted on Police violation tows. (You will have to call our office to obtain cost of towing and storage).
  5. Absolutely no items released from police tow vehicles without total charges being paid prior to obtaining items.
  6. . Ordinary motor vehicle accidents are not considered police violation tows. Please call if you have any question about the status of your towed vehicle.
Sorry cash only accepted on Police Department Tows with the exception of motor vehicle accidents. Please call 937-687-1318 if you have any questions about Police Department tows.